September 18, 2012

Free font: Bigmouth

Bigmouth, a "font experiment" by Timo Kuilder, is a free download available here at Behance. (When you get there, click the word "download" above the image.) It's a character set with limited punctuation, but could be cool when used at large sizes in headlines or titles.


  1. What a great looking font! Thanks for sharing the link to it!

  2. Love the font- thanks!

  3. Thanks for the font and the suggestion about when to use it.

    Is font selection and appropriate use strictly instinctual or do you know of a resource that would guide me toward picking the right kinds of fonts for the right jobs? Thanks!

  4. A very elegant - in a cool way - font!
    I have very little experience in downloading fonts, but I need to learn it now! If I download it to my iMac, I can use it to headlines / pictures in my own documents, but I wonder if I could integrate it as a font to use on my blog on

  5. I like it when you provide links to fonts, especially when they look good for embroidery. This one especially would be easy to stitch. Thanks!

  6. Suzanne, I don't know of any particular resources, but here's what I consider, in this order:

    1. Will it be legible? For example, Bigmouth isn't good at small sizes. It's too thin and the letters are too quirky for easily reading lots of copy. But just a few large words would look good.

    2. Is it an appropriate style? If I'm designing a formal/traditional layout, I wouldn't use a quirky hand-drawn script. If I'm making something that needs to feel light and airy, I wouldn't use a really heavy, bold typeface. I'm always thinking about what I'm trying to communicate and keeping that goal in mind.

    3. Does it look good with the rest of the stuff on the page? Choose something that has shapes and lines that visually complement the other design elements.

    Hope that helps!

  7. Nina Billie, I don't think this one will work for your blog. Lots of fonts aren't designed for good legibility on the web, plus they have to reside on a server somewhere so they will load on your page. (Since your visitors likely won't have your exact font installed on their computer, it has to live online so your website can access it and display it for them.)

    You could check out Google Webfonts—they've made a growing collection of fonts available for free use on websites. They have instructions for how to add the code to your site, I think, or you could Google how to do it.

  8. Nice font!! Does this font would be specialize for any particular theme? And would it be available for all types of applications ?